Bao cong an thanh pho

And some time, said she, I will show you the library I never examined its shelves, but, I daresay, it is full of wise books; and you may go and burrow among them whenever you please. And now you shall have some tea-it will soon be dinnertime, but I thought, as you were accustomed to dine at one, you would perhaps like better to have a cup of tea about this time, and to dine when we lunch and then, you know, you can have your tea in this room, and that will save you from having to dine with Lady Ashby and Sir Thomas which would be rather bao cong an thanh pho least, not awkward, bao cong an thanh pho rather- a-you know what I mean. I thought you mightnt like it so well- especially as we may have other ladies and gentlemen to dine with us occasionally. Certainly, said I, I would much rather have it as you say, and, if you have no objection, I should prefer having all my meals in this room. Why so.
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